Travelling During Covid 19 | Tanzania Trip Report

October 5, 2020
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Travelling During COVID 19 – Trip Report

There is no doubt that the ongoing global pandemic has changed the world, especially with regard to travel, but slowly things are beginning to change. After closing its borders at the beginning of March, Tanzania has been open for tourism for several weeks now.

On arrival into the country, temperature checks were undertaken, there were no queues and hand sanitizer stations were abundant throughout the airport. For the internal flights, the plane is disinfected at every major stop, and at all camps and shops, temperature checks were made by staff wearing masks, and hand sanitizer was freely flowing.

COVID statistics are not easy to come by, but from talking to locals and residents, word on the street has it that the hospitals were close to being overwhelmed in March and April, but now the COVID wards are empty. After a very strict lockdown, COVID seems to have been brought under control, especially by the use of masks at all times, sanitizer and proper social distancing.

Only recently opened for tourists, the East was where Serengeti cheetah researchers were based and the result has been a thriving predator population.

Venturing up to the North of the Serengeti. With it being the end of July, the river crossings were in full force as the millions of wildebeest migrate across the Mara river in search of greener pastures. Where there is prey there are of course predators. Crocodiles lurked beneath the murky surface of the river and lions and leopards waited patiently to ambush the unsuspecting antelopes. As well as multiple crossings of thousands of wildebeest.

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